The geological conditions and mine related impacts can cause rock bursts or large scale cave-ins, which issue a challenge to each mine operator as these cavities can lead to production stoppages and a hindered extraction. To prevent more serious problems, to continue production with the minimum delay and to restore work place safety, those cavities have to be filled as soon as possible.

We offers phenolic foam products with different technical characteristics for individual solutions in mining and tunnelling:

Cavity filling caused by roof falls

  • Reduced Transportation Times to working areas due to reduced quantities of Rocsil required to fill large volumes, when compared to conventional cementitious options.
  • Due to high expansion rates of the Rocsil, complete cavity filling is assured. This allows for the containment of the surrounding strata in exposed cavities, thus containing further self-mining or falls of ground.
  • Due to the expansion of the foam, and assurance that the cavities will be completely filled, a containment of the excavation is ensured due to the active filling support of the foam.
  • Increased work safety

Goaf stabilisation/ isolation

  • Enables shield removal without the installation of bolts and mesh into the roof
  • Prevention spontaneous combustion
  • Improvement of ventilation due to airtight barrier between goaf/gob and face
  • Prevention of gas inflow
  • Improved safety

Technical datasheet and further information

The foam is pumped into the cavity by a pneumatic pump with a preset mix ratio of the two components resin and catalyst. A mixing gun merges the components shortly before the product emerges the pipe and is placed.

The foaming starts immediately which enables a quick cavity filling with minimum product input. The expansion ratio varies depending on the desired compressive strength of the final-product. Depending on the application and in-situ situation the product can also be pumped into “big bags”. Cavity filling foams enable a cost-effective, time-saving and safe cavity filling solution.