Our bolting solution is intended for :

  • Weakened and fragmented rock zones
  • Time-saving and efficient method as drilling, grouting and anchoring in one step
  • Excellent quality grouting to increase load bearing capacity and prevent corrosion
  • Anchor lengths more than 4m possible



  • Drilling borehole with Maribolt®
  • Direct placement of the bolt
  • Grouting the SDA by injecting through the bolt until the resin leaks from the borehole
  • Pretension after grouting

Self Drilling Anchor


  • Drill bit
  • Nut
  • Plate
  • Coupling
  • Injection adapter
SDA Maribolts  Bolts Coal Mining
SDA Maribolts  Bolts Coal Mining
SDA Maribolts Bolts Coal Mining

Technical datasheet and further information

The bolt length and diameter is variable and can be adapted to the geological situation and required load bearing capacity.