Water ingress into underground mine workings can cause many serious problems. While the penetrating water can often be pumped out, under certain circumstances it is necessary to seal it by creating a water tight injection barrier.

Two types of injection technique:

Our products prevent or reduce inflow into underground structures to stop erosion and structural instability.

foam water sealing coal mining 02

Before Injection

foam water sealing coal mining after 02

After Injection

Technical datasheet and further information

Water stopping of high flow inrush

In situations of water inrush, very fast reacting resins are required to stop the water flow. Polyurethane resins, such as Marithan® E and Maristop® A are water reactive and will expand to plug the water ways.


Methacrylate gels, such as Marigel® L, are extremely low viscosity resins, providing good penetration before setting. Once injected they build a 100% sustainable water proof barrier. Ideal to repair seals between concrete segments or for curtain injections. The setting time is adjustable from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. In heavy water flow conditions, a first injection with Marithan can be done to reduce the amount of water ingress prior to the Marigel® injection.