We offer a wide range of grouts intended for:

  • Coal face and roadways consolidating
  • Roof support
  • Bolting
  • Water stopping

Our resins meet requirements such as :

  • Geological conditions
  • Lead time reduction
  • Costs reduction
  • Health and safety regulations


Polyurethane resins MARITHAN®

Marithan® are Polyurethane 2 component resin systems designed for ground consolidation and water sealing. Injected in the strata, the low viscosity mix runs in the cracks with fissures down to 0.1 mm. It swells and due to very good bond and tensile strengths is able to bond the layers even when saturated with water, to a solid mass with excellent mechanical properties.

Product Range – Resins

Several variations are available to fulfil the requirements on speed of reaction, mechanical properties, fire resistance, reaction temperatures, etc… There is a right system for each customer.

Product Range – Resins

Silicate-polyisocyanate resins MARISIL®

MARISIL® is a 2 component system, used for strata consolidation and ground reinforcement by injection as it penetrates cracks and fissures. Marisil® is non-foaming, not affected by water and even adheres to wet surfaces. It is suitable for instance to consolidate soft and water bearing strata. The short setting time enables a quick and effective application. Marisil® is more rigid as polyurethanes.

POTENTIA® THIXO and MARISIL® THIXO are a variation of the standard Marisil, and are specifically intended to be used with the grouting of bolts. The immediate thickening of the 2 component mixture enables the grouting of boreholes without leaks and with the assurance of a full grouted column which ensures safe bolting with increased load bearing capacity and effective corrosion protection.

Phenolic resin FENOFLEX®

Fenoflex® is a 2 component phenolic resin intended for consolidation and ground reinforcement by injection in coal mines. With its fire resistance and low polymerisation temperature, this product is specially designed for ground consolidation in areas where spontaneous combustion of the coal is a risk.

Product Range – Resins

Product Range – Resins

Methacrylate gel MARIGEL® L

MARIGEL® L is a 2 component system with a very low viscosity which remains until gelling is initiated,. This product is intended for water sealing by injection.

MARIGEL® L can penetrate and set inside the smallest fissures to form a flexible gel. The gel swells as soon as it comes into contact with water, thereby creating a permanent sealing.

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