We offer a wide range of cavity filling foams intended for :

  • Cavity filling
  • Sealing
  • Firefighting
  • Water control, etc.

Our foams meet requirements such as :

  • Geological conditions
  • Lead time reduction
  • Costs reduction
  • Health and safety regulations


Phenolic foams ROCSIL® FOAM and MARIFLEX®

Phenolic foams are high expanding, 2 component foams designed for rapid filling of large voids and cavities. These foams have a very good resistance to fire and fulfil the standards in all countries for a use as cavity filler in underground coal mines. The benefits of this technology are time-saving and safety increase compared to classic filling.

Designed in the 80s especially for cavity filling when roof collapse in the longwall, the technology has been improved by various expansion ratios, safer chemistry and longer shelf life of the components. There are 10 different variants available; contact our staff for advice in selecting the right foam for your specific requirements.

This product range is intended for :

  • Cavity filling
  • Ventilation control
  • Firefighting

Advantages :

  • Safety
  • High expansion ratios minimise transport and is time-saving
  • Rapid Product reaction, ensures the application is effective virtually immediately after the application is finished.
  • Fire resistant
  • No shrinkage
  • in situ expansion provides active backfill type support

Silicate-polyisocyanate foams MARIFOAM®

Silicate foams are high expansion 2 component foam systems designed for injection of cavities and open grounds. The product is liquid during a few seconds before it starts foaming. Water in the ground will not affect the reaction.

Therefore it is a perfect product for water plugging or filling of cavities where water is present.

This foam is intended for :

  • Cavity filling
  • Water plugging

Advantages :

  • Not sensitive to ground water
  • High expansion


Urea formadehyde foam- IGLONEIGE®

Igloneige® is a2 component foam system intended for ventilation purposes. The foam is easy to apply and enables an air sealing and prevention of gas inflow or gas accumulation in cavities. The product is pumped through a special designed foaming nozzle with addition of compressed air

The foam is 100% expanded when it comes out the nozzle and sets in a few minutes.

Polyurethane foams MARITHAN® and MARISTOP®

These products are used for water sealing by injection of cracks, gaps or seals in ground or concrete.

MARITHAN® is a 2 component system, made in various formulations to varying expansions and reaction speeds in order to comply with specific requirements as set by our customers, and geological conditions

MARISTOP® is a single component system: the reaction starts once the product comes in contact with water. The speed of reaction can be adapted by adding an accelerator. With a special pumping techniques, MARISTOP® can start reaction in a few seconds and makes it the fastest system in our range for water plugging


Technical datasheet and further information

An additional airtight barrier can be created by injecting the product into the rock or goaf cavities. This method not only hinders fresh air to escape, but also reduce the gas inflow in the longwall by sealing the fragmented strata. In both cases the products fulfill all flammability requirements.

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